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Bone Taj Pars was established as the first GBR, GTR and Implant Training center in Iran in 2003.

The Bone Taj Pars organization chart is as follow:



Consulting Group



Bone Taj Pars succeed to run the first Iranian Osteology (GBR) symposium in Iran in collaboration with Shahid Beheshti university (Iran) and Mainz university (Germany) and in the symposium attended 30 specialist in periodontology and oral surgery field, in 2006 succeed to run the advanced modular course in Dubai in collaboration with Bern and Geneva university along with star science international GMBH. (4 modules)

After that did many courses in the field of GBR, GTR, implant, esthetic. Crown lengthening, …  . You can find the list of educational program in “ our services” page .

Also Bone Taj Pars succeed to run the second Iranian osteology symposium (GBR) on 30. 31may and 1June 2007 in Iran in collaboration with Shahid Beheshti ( Iran) and Geneva university (Switzerland ) and the 3rd Iranian Osteology symposium (GBR ) on 18 – 20 nov.2009 in Iran in collaboration with Shahid Beheshti ( Iran ) and university of Oslo Norway . Also you can find the detail of the programs in “events”.

Bone Taj Pars have had:

1-15 Implant master courses all around the Iran.

2-Two advanced implantology courses for specialist and SPI teachers in Iran.

3- Introduction of Thommen medical SPI in all international congresses during the year in form of workshops

4- Registration of Iranian dentists to attend two advanced comprehensive implantalogy courses in Switzerland for 2009 and 2010.

5- One day courses for introduction of SPI implant every weekend for dentists at Bone Taj Pars office weekly based.

We also have the bellow activity in near future:

1- The basic implantology course in collaboration with Bern university and star science international GMBH on 13-16 sep.2010- Switzerland.

2- 3rd advanced SPI course in Iran in collaboration with Ahwaz University on

21. Oct 2010 AHWAZ- IRAN.

3- 4th advanced SPI course in Iran in collaboration with Mashhad University on 22.Oct 2010. MASHHAD–IRAN.

4- 16th SPI course in Iran –Gorgan 28-29.Oct 2010.

Colleagues general dentist, periodontist , prosthodontist who wants to attend in a basic or advanced course can to be in contact with Bone Taj Pars .

our main products are implant components as Bone Taj Pars is the exclusive distributor  of  Thommen   medical   SPI   Implant   from  Switzerland  and   Deppeler ( Switzerland ) since 2007 , exclusive  distributor of  Nano bone  from  Artoss  GMBH ( Germany ) and  exclusive distributor of Natix from Tigran ( Sweden ) and  Bioteck ( Italy ) .

Regarding to our main goal we made the educational DVD/S in the field of implantiology and periodontology . The list of these educational products is as follow:

1- Open sinus floor elevation with simultaneous implant placement

2- SPI implant placement in posterior part of mandible

3- SPI implant placement in esthetic zone simultaneous hard and soft tissue reconstruction

4-Simultaneous open sinus graft using SPI implant and Natix ® (titanium granules)

5- Treatment of peri-implantitis using Natix ®   ) titanium granules)

6- Our innovation is our conditioning – introduction of INICELL (SPI SLA-active)

7- Step by step demonstration for prosthetic procedures of SPI implant ( fixed and removable )

Colleagues who attend in our activities and educational program and use the SPI implants can use the bellow advantage as Bone Taj Pars members:

1- They can consult with our scientific group free whenever they want.

2- They can attend in our entire basic and advanced course inside and outside the country with special offers.

3- They can have the private contact with our scientific group face to face to growing up their knowledge and experience.


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