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Prof. Masoud Ejlali

Professor and director of the department of removable prosthodontics , Shahid Beheshti dental school.

He has articles and books as author and translator in the field of prosthodontics and occlusion.

He is a well-known national and international professor in this arena and one of the pioneers of implant

dentistry in Iran.

He has shining history in teaching students and giving lectures.


G.Ali Gholami. DDS, MSc

School of Dentistry Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Director of Postgraduate Periodontics Dept. since 2003

Member of American Academy of Periodontology since 1990

Secretary of Iranian Academy of Periodontology 2001-2005

Secretary of First International Periodontology Annual Meeting

President of Fifth International Periodontology Annual Meeting in Tehran

Member of Periodontology Board Examination for 12 Years

Founder of the Iranian Osteology (GBR) Symposiums

Founder of Perio-implant Fellowship Program at SBMU

Scientific Consultant of Star Science International - Switzerland

Published More than 50 Articles in Iranian Dental Journals

Published More than 12 Articles in International Journals

More than 140 Lectures in Iranian Congresses

More than 20 Lectures in International Meetings

Five Books as Author and Translator



Dr. Nahi Jabbour DDS, MSD

Star Science International GmbH

Berne / Switzerland

Graduated from Damascus University – School of Dental Medicine, in 1981 Doctor of Dental Surgery

Specializes in Oral Surgery 1982-1984

First training in Implant Dentistry at New York University 1986

Visiting Clinical Instructor San Antonio University, Dept. of Periodontology, 1997

Head of the Dental and Implant Center 1998-1991, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Special Training at Berne University, Dept. Maxillo-facial surgery (Chairman Prof. Berchtold ) 1992-1993

Education manager at Straumann Institute for Dental Implant Development and Research 2002

Till present time, Education Manager for Star Science International GmbH in Bern / Switzerland

Head of Clinical and Animal Research and Business Developments

Dr. Jabbour has a lot of experiences in Dental Implant Surgery, guided Bone

Regeneration - GBR technique, Ridge Augmentation and Sinus left procedures.

He has given so many lectures and courses, with clinical activities in Implantology and

oral Surgery at both – National and International levels



Dr. Parsa Atash Razm

1992-1995 specialty board in prosthodontic dental school , Shaheed Behehsty university of medical sciences and health services ( Shaheed Beheshty UMSHS ) ; Evin , Tehran , Iran .

1976-1988 – DMD in general dentistry shiraz dental school, shiraz, Iran.

Work experience

1995-presenet – private practice as prosthodontist Tehran, Iran .

1996-present – associate professor and faculty member of removable prosthodontics department dental school, Azad Islamic university , Tehran , Iran .

2001-2003 – associate head of removable prosthodontics department , dental school , Islamic Azad university , Tehran , Iran .

2003- present – chairman of removable prosthodontics department dental school Islamic Azad university , Tehran , Iran .

2002- present- member of research committee, dental school Azad Islamic university , Tehran , Iran .

2004 –present – member of education counsel of Islamic Azad dental school , Tehran , Iran .

2009- present – membership of ICOI

2003- Present – membership of European prosthodontist association (EPA)

1997- Present – membershio (#41) of scientific committee of Iranian academy of prosthodontis .

1987- present – membership of Iranian dental association ( IDA )

2005-present – membership of scientific committee of IDA



دکتر رضا افتخار آشتیانی

فارغ التحصیل دندان پزشکی عمومی سال 1374 دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی

فارغ التحصیل تخصص پروتز های دندانی سال 1378 دانشگاه شهید بهشتی

برد تخصصی پروتز های دندانی سال 1378

استاد یار دانشکده دندان پزشکی شهید بهشتی

رئیس لابراتوار دانشکده دندان پزشکی شهید بهشتی


بررسی ارزیابی روشهای مختلف قالبگیری ایمپلنت 1384

Post expouse proply layis for occupational exposuse 1385

سخنرانی :

بیش از 30 سخنرانی در کنگره های تخصصی پروتز ، پریو ، ترمیمی



Dr. Ranjbari

Ardeshir Ranjbari D.D.s , M.Sc has been graduated in General Dentistry at Tehran university since 1992 and specialized in Periodontology at Shahid Beheshti 1999 as well.

He works as an assistant professor in faculty of dentistry since January 2000 at Ahwaz Jondi-Shapour university and also doing practice in his private office .

He has practiced Implant dentistry professionally since 2001 and up to now has spent series of advanced courses in this era in different countries.



Dr.Mahmoud Tamizi

graduated from Mashhad university dental school (IRAN) in 1972 .

He joined his home city school as clinical instructor in 1974.

Dr. Tamizi pursued his education in periodontics at Boston university (MA) in US and graduated in 1980.

He returned home and resumed his teachership job at the school where he was promoted to the professorship position .

He has played prominent in his academic life in Mashhad university . Among all, establishment of specialty program in periodontics and in the specialty national Board examinations , associate dean for academic and research affairs, member of the university faulty , member ‘s promotion Committee , member of the university research affairs committee, chairman of the journal of dental school , and co-founder of Iranian academy of periodontology are in his resume .

Presently , he is in private practice of periodontics.



Dr.Farokhzad Asef

Specialist in esthetic and restorative dentistry

Member of American academy of cosmetic dentistry

Board certified restorative dentistry

Lecture in International Center for Dental Education (ICDE)



Dr. Kaveh Yaghmaei

Graduated from Shahid Beheshti dental school in 2005. Postgraduated from Shahid Beheshti prosthodontic and implant dept.

Assistant professor of Kerman dental school-prosthodontic and implant. Representative of SPI dental implants and products in Kerman.

Translation of 3 textbook in dentistry. Author of 1 book in prosthodontics. published English article in journal of clinical biochemistry. 1 under publication article in foreign journal. Several articles, lectures, posters in national and international congress.

Awarded by Iranian president as Iran top dental student in 2004.


Dr.Emad Kosarieh


Graduated from Shahid Beheshti university dental school , in2000

specialized in periodontics , 2003 Member of American Academi of periodontology since 2005.

Fellowship in ” laser Therapy in dentistry “ , RWTH Aachen university , Germany .

MSc. Candidate in “ Laser in dentistry “ , RWTH Aachen university , Germany .




Dr.Afshin Nourbakhsh


Dr. AmirHosein Farahmand


3'rd Floor,No.,6  ,4'Th Lane, Behrooz St.,Mohseni Sq., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran - Tel: +982126406440


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