Master Course in Advanced Reconstructive Dentistry Using Dental Implants   چاپ   فرستادن به ایمیل  

In collaboration with the Department of Prosthodontics, University of Berne, and the Department of Oral Surgery,University of Geneva, Switzerland

29 June–6 July 2012 Thun, Switzerland



Dear Colleagues,

“A very special advanced implantology course for a very special audience from all over the world”

During the last 40 years implant dentistry has improved dramatically and became one of the scientifically accepted treatment modalities to bring to our patients a survival rate of more than 95 % after ten years of follow-up. More developments of the regenerative techniques like GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) and GTR (Guided Tissue Regeneration) during the last two decades lead to additional expansion in the dental implant treatment to include more difficult situations in the advanced atrophic mandible or maxilla.

This had widened the indications of implant therapy.

Today with great pleasure we announce the 5th Advanced Dental Implantology Master course in Thun, Switzerland from 29 June to 6 July 2012. This course program is designed in English especially for international Dentists and Specialists from all over the world, who would like to up-date their knowledge in implantology and take the new information based on the novelty of research and clinical experiences.

A very special group of Clinicians and Researchers, connected to four universities in Berne, Geneva, and Zurich, Switzerland, as well as the King Saud University of Saudi Arabia, will gather during this week to present a selection of lectures and clinical demonstrations including live video presentations. The course will include four workshops giving a profound insight into surgical, prosthetic, perio-regenerative methods with suturing techniques as well as advanced surgical procedures and sinus lift augmentation techniques. We will also discuss several important issues in implantology such as esthetic aspects, CAD/ CAM technology, and treatment of peri-implant complications.

I am sure that you will enjoy the romantic atmosphere at the Seepark Hotel in Thun, a lovely touristic city, and during your stay you will have the chance to participate in many social activities. Join us to learn more about how to improve your clinical practice and to enjoy an unforgettable week in Switzerland.

Chairman and Course Director

Dr. Nahi Jabbour


Program Information


Scientific Committee


• Prof. Dr. med. dent. Regina Mericske-Stern (Program Chairwoman) Berne University

• Prof. Dr. med. dent. Jean-Pierre Bernard (Co-Chairman) Geneva University

Program Director


• Dr. Nahi Jabbour (Star Science International GmbH)

Official Language


• All presentations and discussions will be held in English.

Tuition Fees


• Course fee CHF 3,000

• Course registration and hotel accommodation, including food and transportation and 3 workshops:

CHF 3,800 (please check details on the registration forms)

Deadline for registration: 29 May 2012


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تهران - بلوار ميرداماد - میدان مادر . خیابان بهروز . کوچه چهارم . پلاک 6 . طبقه سوم - تلفن: 02126406440


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